Friday, February 19, 2010

Low-Fat Double Chocolate Cookies

I had a burnin' urge to bake this afternoon but didn't feeling like making anything too excessively fattening. My logical solution to this was to Google "low fat cookies" even though I was doubtful of their existence. But, lo and behold...
Some recipes included weird ingredients (low fat butter? Seriously?! I highly doubt it worthy of consumption), but I did manage to sort through more creepy-looking recipes and find one that looked promising. Even then, I was skeptical. Sixty-five calories per cookie, even when containing real honest-to-gosh butter? ...And then I noticed the portion sizes. One is expected to shape the dough into teaspoon-sized balls. Teaspoons, people! Shameful. There is no way I could limit myself to one cookie.

These turned out to be surprisingly awesome. Even my younger brother (and we all know siblings can be our harshest critics) had three or four before the second batch was out of the oven. He kept swearing that his current cookie would be the last-- only to show up a few minutes later to snatch another cookie and exclaim "Damn you, Katie! Why must your cookies be so GOOD?"

I acquired the recipe from

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  1. SWEET!!!! I wish I could try one (or 20)!!!